The Book

Table of Contents

1. Welcome to the War                                               1

2. Battle Lines: Reasonable People vs. Assholes      9

3. The Great Deception                                              19

Down the Rabbit Hole                                     21

Fruit of the Poison Tree                                  25

Schools – Why Johnny can’t think                  25

News – Propaganda on Parade                     27

Movie Message Madness                               29

A Sea of Troubles                                            31

4. Progressives are the Modern Inner Party               33

5. What do Liberals Really Want?                              43

6. Maybe Liberals Just Can’t Help It                            49

Fully Operational Thought                               56

Mature Thinking                                               58

7. Why Liberals Hate You                                            63

America Sucks                                               66

Masters of Hate                                               68

8. From American Dream to Nightmare                   73

Why Liberals Want a Death Tax                     79

9. In Defense of Liberty                                               85

10. The Real Existential Threat                                 107

Part II: What Reasonable People Must Do            117

Final Thoughts                                                            139


1. Welcome to the War

Listen, and understand
That terminator is out there
It can’t be bargained with
It can’t be reasoned with
It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear
And it absolutely will not stop, ever – until you are dead.
– Kyle Reese, “The Terminator

Listen and understand.

They lied to you. Everything they ever told you was manufactured bullshit to manipulate you to support their Great War.  The war rages on, but now you must wake up and decide which side you’re on. 

There are two desires that are paramount in the hearts of men (and women): The first is the desire for LIBERTY, the freedom to control one’s own life and destiny, and the other is the desire for TYRANNY, the power to control the lives of others.

Since before recorded time, the human race has had one central struggle: the conflict between liberty and tyranny; the battle for control of other people.  The entire history of the human race has been about the domination of the many for the benefit of the few.  

Every war that has ever been fought, every kingdom ever established, every government ever created, was not just to control the land or natural resources, but for the power to control and enslave other people. From the slave armies that built the great pyramids for the Egyptian Pharos, to the slave armies that built the great Roman Empire for the Caesars, from the wage-slaves who labored in sweatshops to create the industrial revolution, to the conscripts in Hitler’s munitions factories, the elevation of every powerful ruling class in the world has come from the toil, sweat, and ingenuity of the people they subjugated.

For over 2,000 years of “civilization” TYRANNY, in one form or another, has been the tolerated form of “government” (although exploitation would be a better tern) for most of humanity.  Many reasons and excuses were given to justify why Tribal Chieftains, Warlords, Kings, Dictators, the Few, the Ruling Class, should control and exploit the many.

In feudal systems the Kings claimed their power to rule was conveyed on them by the “divine right of God,” but it was always enforced by force and the threat of death.  As Chairman Mao said: “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun”.

The short life cycle of tyranny is always the same.  Once a tyrant seizes power it is almost impossible for a population to regain its freedom. The few societies that did had to launch a bloody revolution to reclaim their freedom.  Tyranny in all its many forms great or small, is a corrupting force, a cancer that enriches the Few, but weakens the rest of society until it eventually collapses under its own unsustainable weight. All societies built on tyranny, from the Roman Empire to the French Aristocracy to the Soviet Union, followed a predictable arc that elevates a few elites at its height, but destroys the society by its end.  

The reign of tyranny has created the greatest sorrow, loss, waste and death mankind has ever known.  The triumph of Liberty has created the greatest benefits of peace and prosperity that mankind has ever known.

Most Reasonable People just want to have a good life; do meaningful work, earn a decent living, raise a family and see their children grow up in safety, so they too can have a good life.

But some people see the world differently. Deep in their dark and twisted hearts stirs the unquenchable thirst for power over others.  They deserve power, they tell themselves, because they are intellectually and morally superior to others. They know better, because they are better. They have been blessed by the received wisdom of the new age, and nothing fills them with righteous indignation more than people who do not bow to their superiority.  These people believe that their desired outcome justifies any means, so they will break any principle and commit any injustice to achieve even the smallest bit of power over others.  

You know these people. You see them every day. They are Assholes.

The term “Asshole” is not just a random pejorative insult against someone you don’t like. It has a very specific place and meaning in the English lexicon.  Assholes reign above jerks, douche bags, and even shit-heads as the pinnacle of the despicable and deplorable; they are the worst of the worst for good reason.

The term Asshole is reserved for people who not only take unfair advantage of others, but also sadistically inflicts excessive and unnecessarily suffering on their victims. It is the disregard (or sometimes joy) in creating substantial “collateral damage” that makes someone an Asshole rather than only a jerk or shit-head.

For example, if a mugger steals your wallet at gunpoint, the benefit to the thief is the same as the loss to you (not counting your additional emotional trauma and inconvenience).  The robber is certainly a villain, but doesn’t technically reach the level of Asshole because the theft was “transactional.”  The contract was straight forward, as the cliché goes: “your money or your life.”  Given the options, you dutifully hand over your money, you are allowed to leave unharmed, and the transaction is complete.

But if the robber shoots and kills you for no good reason (and there is never a good reason to harm an innocent), they have done you much more harm than the small amount that they benefited. The unconscionable imbalance between the benefit and harm and the heartless disregard for the excessive collateral damage is what officially makes them an Asshole. 

As actor Clint Eastwood states in the movie Unforgiven states:  “It’s a hell of a thing killing a man. It takes away all he’s got and all he’s ever gonna get.”

And that is exactly right – the greatest collateral damage caused by Assholes is not just the loss of the immediate value (the loss of your life in this case) but the downstream opportunity cost of all the future value that it could have created. Consider all of your children’s children, perhaps one of whom could have been the next Einstein or Edison, but who will now never be born, all because of one stupid Asshole.

If you harm someone, by definition you are an Asshole, but you don’t have to commit murder to be an Asshole.  Smaller mundane examples can be found on any playground everyday. If a schoolyard bully extorts a smaller kid’s lunch money, he is certainly a jerk or shit-head. But if the bully then injures the victim (when only the threat of violence alone was sufficient), just to be sadistic and “show ‘em whose boss” then he is an Asshole. 

Some bullies grow out of being Assholes as they mature, some meet a bigger Asshole and have it knocked out of them, but for many, it is a world view that seems to work for them, again and again. These people stay Assholes their entire life. 

Here there be Assholes

All of human history can be explained as the result of the on-going war between the majority of the population of “Reasonable People,” who are trying to advance themselves and thus advance society, against a minority of Asshole-Elites who are trying to elevate themselves by inflicting excessive harm on others (and thus on humanity as a whole) by robbing the world of their present and future value.

The combined opportunity cost from all the destruction and suffering caused by Assholes great and small over the millennia has significantly retarded the overall progress of the human race.  Taken together the impact of Assholes on the rest of humanity has been worse than war, worse than famine, worse than Trump.  How much further advanced would humanity be today technically and civilly if not for the enormous destructive harm done by Assholes throughout history?

Excerpt 2

Welcome to Fascism

Liberals claim that they have a deep desire to make society more “just,” but they define their “justice” as Marxist egalitarianism: From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.  To Reasonable People this is the very definition of injustice.  

Marx’s simple inverted logic, to steal from the creators and give to the takers, is the recipe for destroying and enslaving entire countries. Everywhere that any society has even flirted with socialism has resulted in enormous human suffering, poverty, and loss of rights.  It is directly responsible for over 100 million deaths in the twentieth century.  More books have probably been written about the evils of Marxism, than have been written promoting Marxism. It’s like the Ebola-virus of ideas, it destroys everything it touches, but we can’t eradicate it.  Yet in spite of overwhelming evidence about its destructive power, the idea won’t die, because the idea of getting something for nothing is so cherished in the Liberal heart.

In order for Liberals to enforce their version of re-distributive “justice,” they must have total control over the population, which means they need to eliminate Individual Sovereignty. The problem is that the inherent desires for freedom and fairness can not be turned off easily. A person’s sovereign control over one’s person, property and thoughts must be reduced slowly, removing rights and ideas little by little.  Like the old story of the frog in the boiling pot, if freedoms are reduced gradually, pretty soon the frog is cooked before he even knows it. 

The desire for complete monolithic control over every aspect of society is called Totalitarianism or Fascism. Some historians may claim that Fascism and Totalitarianism are somehow different – but for all intents and purposes they are functional equivalents.  Fascists and Totalitarians are both complete Assholes who will inflict excessive damage on society in order to ensure that they have complete and total control.   

Excerpt 3

Chap 6: Maybe Liberals Just Can’t Help It

Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.
Jesus Christ, Luke 23

When Reasonable People hear the tons of insane bullshit spewed out by leading liberals, such as open boarders with free healthcare for alien trespassers, fascist “green” proposals that would cost taxpayers more money than America’s entire GDP, and effectively repealing the First, Second, Fourth and Fifth Amendments, they are left with only one question: “What the hell is wrong with these idiots?”  

It is a fair and reasonable question. What if there actually was something wrong with Liberals’ brains that made it impossible for them to understand, or care, about how much collateral damage their fascist programs would do to America? 

Advances in the areas of Neuroscience combined with studies in cognitive and personality sciences are creating new fields of study: Neuro-morality and Neuro-politics that suggest that there may be organic and psychological explanations for Liberals’ irrational and uncivil behavior.  Maybe they just can’t help it.

There is increasing evidence that neurobiological factors such as brain structure and mental health may influence how liberal or conservative people tend to be. Researchers at University College London used MRI scans to discover that self-described Conservative students tended to have a larger amygdala than Liberals. The amygdala is an almond-shaped structure deep in the center of the brain that is believed to participate in processing negative emotions like fear, threat, anxiety, disgust, and avoidance. Liberals tended to have a smaller amygdala, but more brain tissue in the anterior cingulate cortex, a region of the brain that helps people cope with complexity.

In cases where the amygdala has been damaged from injury or brain disease, researchers have noticed a change in the personality and political ideology sometimes leading to a “pathological liberal shift” which is a more pronounced tendency to be liberal. So if the amygdala is small or injured, one tends to be more liberal. As one would expect Liberals have been quick to spin how the differences in brain structure may explain their negative views about Conservatives.  Having a larger amygdala, according to Liberals, makes Conservatives overly and irrationally afraid of change and makes them hypersensitive to non-existent threats. They see Conservatives as anti-intellectual cowards for not enthusiastically embracing Liberals’ failed ideas for a new Utopia.

Maybe It’s a Mental Condition

When we look objectively at everything we know about Liberals from behaviors and attitudes to possible connections with brain structures, psychology and cognitive development a more complete and cohesive picture starts to emerge.  Consider what we’ve learned so far:

  1. Smaller Brains

Liberals tend to have less brain tissue in the amygdala which participates in processing threat assessments. When the brain is injured a pathological (dangerous) personality shift towards liberalism can occur. This suggests a hypothesis that people with smaller or damaged amygdalas tend to become Liberals because they are unable to fully understand and process all the possible consequences of their actions.

  • Morally Handicapped

Moral Foundations Theory research showed that Liberals tend to focus on only two of the six moral dimensions, whereas Conservatives tend to use all six moral dimensions, possibly giving them a more complex and nuanced understanding of the world.  Rather than embrace the full spectrum of moral thought, Liberals tend to automatically reject the majority of moral dimensions as the basis for racism and other negative attitudes. 

Liberals may in effect only be able to see the world in terms of two moral “colors,” black and white, whereas conservatives can see a richer and broader spectrum of moral colors. Liberal attitudes may actively filter out four of the six moral dimensions, to prevent Liberal minds from understanding all the complexities of the complete moral picture.  This could suggest that Liberals are simply not equipped to fully comprehend all of the important moral considerations in their positions.

  • Fascist Tendencies

Liberals have a deep seated lust for power to control others, and stringently restrict any diversity of thought. In spite of their positioning to the contrary, Liberals have a much higher tendency towards authoritarianism and fascism than Conservatives. Modern Liberals are closer to creating dystopian future ruled by “Big Brother” than Orwell himself could have imagined. 

  • Slow Learners

The Identity-Protective Cognition theory suggests that people (perhaps especially Liberals) may try to protect their “identity” and social standing by actively rejecting any new information that may conflict with identity challenging beliefs. If true, this would strongly bias a person towards protecting the status quo by preventing their cognitive world model to be updated with new information.  This “stubborn mindedness” could help explain why Liberals hate free speech (because ideas about traditional moralities can actually harm their fragile mental models), and why they have never learned from the past hundred years of failed and bloody Leftist ideas. They keep trying the same broken ideas over and over again, convinced that this time it will work. Expecting a different outcome from the same action is also one definition of insanity.

  • Asshole tendencies

Liberals seem to be more willing than Reasonable People to inflict massive collateral damage on others and society as a whole, in order to get political power and control over others.  Their limited moral perspective may allow them to support an “ends justify the means” philosophy which may explain their willingness to rescind constitutional rights, censor free speech, reach stupid conclusions about gun violence, etc. All of the Liberal positions, whether intentional or not, would damage the American experiment and inflict great loss and suffering on her people, but Liberals don’t care about anything other than what they think is in their own best interest. And that is why they are Assholes.

  • Petty

Liberals invented the strange concept of Political Correctness to ostensibly prevent people from being offended by minor slights (“micro-aggression”) and free speech (Hate speech).  Liberals are actually more concerned about controlling people’s thoughts and words than the objective truth. They have weaponized false outrage and indignation.

In the real world one is better served by rising above unintended slights rather than embracing them.

The wise man does not take offence when none is intended

The wiser man doesn’t take offence even when it is intended

  • Noam DeGuerre
  • Intellectually Dishonest

The hallmark of Liberals is their use of shifting morality as the situation benefits then, rather than sticking to fixed moral principles. Every day on the news you can hear some liberal idiot blathering on about some minor “offence” against them which they would celebrate if the situation was reversed in their favor. From the special “kid gloves” treatment that “crooked Hillary” got from the FBI to the fake Russian interference investigation of Trump, Liberals always violate the shoe-on-the-other-foot fairness doctrine.

  • Incapable of Abstract Thought?

Jean Piaget concluded that half of the adult population was incapable of proper abstract thinking, and being able to make correct inferences and deductions. Since there currently is no known research that connects cognitive skills to political ideology, we are left to surmise that there is no correlation and that it affects both Liberals and Conservatives in equal numbers.

But what if (an abstract hypothetical) future research does find a positive correlation between poor thinking skills and liberalism, perhaps due to the reduced size of the amygdala, or other brain structures, or psychology or whatever?  How would and should we react to the revelation that an incredibly powerful political party is driven by amoral people who can’t think straight?  Should we continue to take them seriously and give their ideas equal weight in questions of political power?

We know from Piaget that children should develop the ability or fully operational thought around adolescence. So as a thought experiment, if we give full considerations to proposals by a group of people many of whom don’t have the capacity for fully operational abstract thought, isn’t that just like asking teenagers for advice on how to run the country?  That would be irresponsible and dangerous.

So why do we take anything Liberals say seriously?