Conservative Media Institute

All the journalism schools are now full-leftist propaganda factories whose role is to prepare young propagandists to take their place as a cog in the liberal media machine.

A new “fair and balanced” countervailing journalism school is needed that can empower young media entrepreneurs to create new media businesses that will promote pro-American ideas.

We are proposing to create a new type of educational facility and startup incubator called the “Conservative Media Institute” (CMI).

The purpose of the CMI is to train and fund the next generation of young conservative media entrepreneurs, who will create new media platforms, technologies, and business models. They will produce new forms of conservative content in new innovative narrative and presentation styles.

For example, some startups might use a humorous approach like The Daily Show on the Left, while others might use more scientific analysis and graphs like Bloomberg News. Some might interpret the news from the perspective and interests of millennials, while others from the viewpoint of a mature professional business audience.

Technology is driving down the cost of creating media, which now allows many new types of media businesses to be profitable.

The CMI will launch a new Conservative Renaissance movement that will actively defend against liberal media tropes and memes that attack American sensibilities.

Unlike passive conservative “think tanks” which have never taken any real action, and therefore have never made any actual impact against the cultural Left, the CMI would take an activist role in shaping and launching conservative defenses against liberal indoctrination.

The CMI is conceived as a not-for-profit training institute and venture fund incubator that holds an equity stake in each of its startups.  CMI would be like the Silicon Valley based “Founder’s Forum” accelerator for conservative media innovation.

We are actively seeking founding partners and members. Please contact me for more information.

– Noam DeGuerre